Friday, September 5, 2014

Marks, Here and Now: "Why, Where and How."

Twelve months have passed since I started my project, and I realize that my work is far from finished.  So much has changed in my world and in the rest of the world.  My marks today are fresher and fuller than a year ago; what I had planned has evolved.   A testimony to how the passage of time makes its mark on us all.  

I want my work as an artist to say, “This is HOW I see the world; with my eyes wide open.”  I now see things very differently than I did a year ago.  The evolution of how I came to this new place is not as important to me as WHERE I have arrived and how I now view the world around me.  At this moment, I want to include the sadness of the world, and how it is juxtaposed upon my world.  It has become very important, as events around the globe transpire, for me to acknowledge the beauty of my own world in direct contrast to the horrors of the rest of the world.  Capturing these universal marks helps me grapple with the WHY.

I have been intrigued and inspired by the art of video since I saw an installation last year and knew I wanted to include it in my Marks Project.   In my quest to celebrate marks and more recently acknowledge the marks that changes make, I’ve come to realize video is the best way to express change.  Movement is intrinsic in the art form of video:  it changes frame by frame.  Ryan Scammell, my videographer and collaborator has inspired me in more ways than he could know.  The world of video can express so much without words.  This is just the beginning of my project.   

Here it is - my first video with Meryl Green, Ryan and I collaborating to make our marks.   There’s more to come...we hope you enjoy this one.

Last year I jumped into “Marks:  Here and Now” and thought it would be a breeze. Now I am realizing the scope of what I have to say is much broader, and my desire to say it, greater.  Thus my project has become a joint project with Ryan, as he helps me tell my story.  In our next video,  we will experiment with Ryan's  work  being superimposed upon my mark.

Our marks are our stories…………mine continues. 


  1. I truly did enjoy watching this video - quiet - simple - deeply enthralling . . .
    thank you Florence and Meryl !

  2. and Ryan too - I appreciated your eye on it all . . .

  3. Truly beautifully all ways. Florence, I'd like to see 2 additions..first credit for the music and second, the finished painting.

  4. Ditto to the previous comments. Loved the simple meditative quality and the very professional videography. Bernie Mindich