Thursday, February 13, 2014

Will You Make a Valentine’s Day Mark?

There are so many ways to look at marks.
Even marking occasions such as Valentine's Day. 

In the end, I think a person's mark exists as long 
as someone remembers them or takes notice of their mark.

Here's my February mark.

Inspired by Japanese Nihonga
 (F. Suerig, 2014)

A fellow artist, Jim Bachor, shares my intrigue with marks.
Working in mosaics, this piece captures his life philosophy.

"Make Your Mark"
 (Jim Bachor, mosaic, 2010)

To quote Jim,
"It means do a good job in whatever you pursue, 
but don't be boastful about it."
I love that fact that this piece, while encouraging you to make a mark, 
is subtle in its execution.

Next month, we'll expand my marks exploration by launching a blog to share more "Marks, Here and Now."  Keep YOUR marks coming.  They're so much fun to see!