Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Mark of a Lifetime

My project was to come to an end on my 80th birthday.  The irony is that my birthday was marked not by my mark, but by the mark left on my heart by my sister's death.

Phyllis Gold was truly a golden human and I was privileged to be her sister, and to be graced by her presence my entire life.  In lieu of my mark this month, here is the eulogy I wrote for her:

Captain, my captain, she guided my ship.

A big part of me is gone, the best part,
 no longer here, but forever in my heart.

We were so very different we shared it all. 

A beautiful extension of our Mother 
She walked with grace and joy.

As children, in the summer from the shore,
we watched the beautiful boats sailing by;
Never expecting to one day sail our own.

Over the waves and into the wind, 
We shared our secrets we talked of love and life.

She believed that our souls lived on 
For as long as we were remembered.

Phyllis, you will live on for a long time in the
Hearts of your grandchildren and great grand children.

And so dear friends, I am consoled that  
My sister will be with me for as long as I live.

Our Mother nicknamed her “Light of my life”
And so, the light of my life is gone but not forgotten.

This is the mark I wish to share with you this month to honor her.  Next month, on what would have been her 84th birthday,  I will share my mark with you as my gift to her.


  1. Phyllis was so very fortunate to have such a warm, loving and appreciative sister. Her mark on you is apparent, and I'm certain she felt similarly towards you and your mark on her.

  2. thank you Florence for this wonderful image of the two of you - and your strong words -
    marking - touching - holding her close - and sharing who she was with us all.