Friday, December 6, 2013

World Aids Day

December's mark. 

This month's mark is in honor of 
World Aids Day 
and my son, Michael.

Florence Suerig, 2013

Our marks are as unique as we are.  I am excited and inspired 
by the ones I've already received.
    Please continue to share your own marks via the email below.

Hope this season finds you making the mark you aspire to make!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Partnering with Nature

 November's mark

Making marks can be a solidary event. 
 Or can involve collective input.  
It can happen as a defined event.  
Or it can evolve over time.

November showcases what started as my own work.
And when it looked like this, 
 I thought it was complete. 

But my collaborator, Mother Nature, 
felt the best was yet to come. 

And spent 6 years, working her magic.  

Mother Nature has clearly made her mark!

As I explore my marks and those around me, I invite you to share your marks with me - whatever, wherever they may be.  

Please send them, with any comments, to me at frenzief (@)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Marking History

October's mark. 

The allure of a found mark is powerful.  Why is it here?  

What made it?  What preceded this mark?

In this case, the marks were found in front of the abandoned Greenwich Central Fire House.  

 Even with its building in decline
- a landmark being replaced - 
the sidewalk out front is repaired. 
 The stop-gap macadam creates a new mark
one that continues to validate the historic firehouse, 
even as it is erased from our view.

Thank you for sharing my monthly progress as we count down to August 2014.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Transitions: From Sculpture to Markmaker

Here is September's mark. 

Florence Suerig, 2013
My earliest marks were in clay.

I found this medium 
allowed me to give structure to my marks.

Here I am with my first markmy first love: Karl.

Karl and Florence, 2000

I look forward to sharing my monthly progress with you as we count down to August 2004.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


"The Marks project"
has finally begun. 
It will take a year and be ready for the 6th of August 2014.

What's a Mark

While I am starting with the definition of a mark as: 
"a visible sign or impression on something,"
Webster's offers many intriguing options.


a (1) :  a conspicuous object serving as a guide for travelers (2) :  something (as a line, notch, or fixed object) designed to record position

b (1) :  sign, indication <a mark of his esteem> (2) :  an impression (as a scratch, scar, or stain) made on something (3) :  a distinguishing trait or quality :  characteristic <the marks of an educated person>

c :  a symbol used for identification or indication of ownership

d :  a cross made in place of a signature

e :  a written or printed symbol (as a comma or colon)

f :  attention, notice <nothing worthy of mark>

g :  importance, distinction <a person of mark>

h :  a lasting or strong impression

Join me on my journey to explore, make and discover marks of all types, found anywhere, made by everyone.