Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When is the Right Time to Make a Mark?

Is making your mark a requirement of aging?  
Or is aging permission to make your mark?

In this chicken and egg discussion, I'd like to weigh in that it is both.  Or neither.  

We sometimes spend our early years "experimenting" with our direction, trying to find our way.  Making a mark sounds so mature, so concrete that some may think they are too young to have worthy marks.   Must we be of  "a certain age" to be mark ready; mark worthy?

I offer there is no age parameters for making marks.  

Instead, that we are an evolving series of marks, to be made from our first day on the planet until our last.  The time to make your mark is now, and the medium is whatever moves you:  clay, prose, paint, dance, culinary, horticulture, architecture.  Wherever you can express yourself.   

My friend Marsi Burns and her collaborator Alice Teirstein are not letting age stand in the way of making their marks.  With "Comin' and Goin'," they pay tribute to the irony of age and the movement they are exploring.  At 85, Alice truly is both "Comin' and Goin' " as she and Marsi express themselves through modern dance.  Bridging the age gap, they delight in making their marks from their different life perspectives.

Comin' and Goin,' in more ways than one.

Their energy alone makes a mark on viewers!

Virginia Woolf also looks askance at aging. 
"I don't believe in aging," she says.  "I believe in forever altering one's aspect to the sun."  You can make your mark no matter what  your age or where you are in your journey.


Can you guess how I am using:
  • 12 workman's gloves
  • rope
  • a tree branch
in my project to make my mark?

Join the fun and send me your answers or post them below. 
I look forward to sharing the answer with you next month!