Tuesday, August 6, 2013


"The Marks project"
has finally begun. 
It will take a year and be ready for the 6th of August 2014.

What's a Mark

While I am starting with the definition of a mark as: 
"a visible sign or impression on something,"
Webster's offers many intriguing options.


a (1) :  a conspicuous object serving as a guide for travelers (2) :  something (as a line, notch, or fixed object) designed to record position

b (1) :  sign, indication <a mark of his esteem> (2) :  an impression (as a scratch, scar, or stain) made on something (3) :  a distinguishing trait or quality :  characteristic <the marks of an educated person>

c :  a symbol used for identification or indication of ownership

d :  a cross made in place of a signature

e :  a written or printed symbol (as a comma or colon)

f :  attention, notice <nothing worthy of mark>

g :  importance, distinction <a person of mark>

h :  a lasting or strong impression

Join me on my journey to explore, make and discover marks of all types, found anywhere, made by everyone.