Friday, March 14, 2014

Have You Been Marked by Love?

The context in which we view a mark changes how we feel about it.  Sometimes how we perceive a mark alters how it continues to develop; to exist.

Identical twins, given the same outward marks biologically, cultivate their own personalities and carve their own way... leaving their own mark.

I decided this month to honor Dorothy Judith Finkelstein Alexander, my mother.  Today marks the day she was born.

Never alone, she came into this world the other half of an embryo
with her twin sister Anne.  

Making her mark, her parents thought, as half of a unique pair: Anne the beauty, Dottie the intellect.

Dottie, the smart identical twin, 
was beautiful in other ways; remarkably so.

Her mark was the happiness she shared with all.
As she passed by, she left everyone with love in their heart.
She brought joy and her mark was her gentle caring way.  

She gave me life.

My life has been marked by her love.  She left a deep and indelible mark of love on all who knew her.  There is no greater mark than to give joy and happiness wherever you go.

What marks have you made on others in your life? Teaching a skill? Nurturing? Artistic? Loyalty?  You are more remarkable than you think.

Next month, we will start to explaing my journey creating "Marks, here and now."  Keep in touch.

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